on RG 174, RG 316 and similar

Required for mounting ROKA-SNAP connectors to other type of cables. Depending on cable’s structure, might be necessary to adapt the inlet accordingly.

Electrical Specifications

Designed for Z0
50 / 75 Ω – Systems
Frequency operating range
0 – 2 GHz
>75 dB
Electrical strength
1000 Veff / 50 Hz
Constant resistance
Inner contact: ≤10 mΩ
Outer contact: ≤10 mΩ
Insulation resistance
>100 MΩ / meas. point 1000 V
Power handl. (Pmax)
6A short term at max. 13.4 V

Mechanical and Thermal Specifications

max. Ø
Male 11,8 mm
Female 12,2 mm
Cable pull-out force
Massive dielectric:
RG 58 ≥150 N
RG 174 ≥80 N
other dielectrics: ≥100N
Plug assembly pull-out force
≥80 N
Force to unlock plug assembly
≤35 ±15 N
Force to mate plug assembly
≤35 ±15 N
Temperature range
-40º C … +90º C
Lifespan (mating cycles)
≥ 50
  • on RG 174, RG 316 and similar-Inlet


  • on RG 174, RG 316 and similar-Inlet


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